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2048 Sort Stack Merge

2048 Sort Stack Merge

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If you like number games and number puzzle games more then play the 2048 Hoop Stack Merge number puzzle game for free! This is one of the best mind games and brain games for adults. Enjoy different games, difficult games and fun games in one brain game! 2048 Hoop Stack Merge Puzzle Game is a fun free game and you can play without Internet and offline!

It is a fun and addictive that entertains and trains your brain IQ. You will experience the most stunning 3D color ring; Game visual and sound effects. All of them are sure to keep you relaxed and challenged. The levels of this online puzzle game are both easy and difficult.

✨✨✨Let's PLAY
- Swipe to move Hoop Stacks into columns.
- With the game Merge => Merge Sort Stacks with the same number:
2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024 then to 2048.
- With the Sort game => Sort Hoop Stack Number corpses of the same type into the same column. You can only move Stack numbers of the same type to a column with the same stack number or an empty column.
- Complete the levels and become the winner.

- Includes 3 gameplay: Merge Numbers by Level, Merge Endless Numbers and Sort Hoop Stack
- Continue the game after reaching 2048.
- Play the addictive 2048 Hoop Stack Merge and Sorting.
- Simple and fun
- Free to play, no need for WIFI
- Exercise brain and make people smart
- Unlimited time! Reach the target score of each stage!
- Loved by all ages

2048 Hoop Stack Merge & Sort - The best online IQ puzzle game for you!