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🔷🔶SuDoBlock - New Block! Puzzle🔷🔶

🔷 SuDoBlock is a great combination of sudoku and wooden puzzle games. It is a simple yet challenging puzzle. Not only destroy the block, you need to choose the block location to be able to upgrade the block number fastest. An interesting game that you will not be missed.

🔶 Slide the blocks to complete the lines and squares to eliminate them. For each block removal you increase the block value. Keep the board clean and beat your score record and block number record.

• Number of blocks is one of the game's most interesting points. You need to focus on destroying the blocks in one position so you can raise the score quickly.

• Table 9x9. Move the puzzle blocks on the 9x9 grid, which is familiar to all sudoku and block puzzle fans, to form straight lines and squares.

• Game with 3 help including: Rotate blocks, Reload new blocks, Randomly destroy 9 blocks on 9x9 grid

• Blocks have different shapes. Strategically place blocks on the board to destroy them and keep the board clean. Try to reach the biggest block point.

• The difficulty of the game will increase after every 5 levels. A block with a new shape will appear harder to be attractive. Only 20% of players can play up to level 30. You are in that 20%. Give it a try?

• Challenging goals. Never stop challenging yourself - try to beat your own score record and achieve the greatest number of blocks

• Master the game with only 5 minutes of getting used to. But it will be very difficult for you to

• Score more points by eating blocks in a row, row, row or square. With overlapping feeding blocks the number of blocks will be doubled.

• Unique mechanism. SudoBlock was created to be an extremely successful combination of sudoku, number games and wooden block puzzles.

• Play attractive. Play when you're bored or want to train your brain - anytime, anywhere.

■ How to become a SudoBlock master? ■

• There is no time limit, so there is no hurry. Think one step ahead if you encounter a difficult move. Recording a large number of blocks is the most important thing.

• Try to place classic wooden blocks on the board to destroy 3x3 lines or squares with each move to avoid not filling the board.

• Find your meditation experience by balancing the destruction of images as quickly as possible and reaching the most combinations and chains to score and increase the number of blocks higher.