Tap Tap Connection 2048

Tap Tap Connection 2048

WELCOME TO Tap tap connection 2048 is a completely new puzzle game that trains your brain!

Now, players can choose from 4 Skins: And many new Skins are coming soon!

We offer you Tap tap connection 2048, the ultimate Puzzle game with unique and interesting gameplay!

Puzzle Tap tap connection 2048 is very simple: Tap the 2048 ball to collect the ball of the same type. Initially you will have 2 balls 2 and 4, bubbles
8, 16, 32 ... will be born when you collect them. Free tap tap 2048 to play and easy to learn.
Only 1% of players can pass the game Tap tap connect 2048. Are you among them? Try it now.


● A new kind of brain training puzzle, entertain your brain in minutes or hours
● Combo to be able to earn more points and receive a reward of gold coins. Use gold coins to buy new Skins or use a help tool when you have trouble in the game.
● Endless challenge, you can play forever but you will still find something unexplored
● Attractive original music with sound effects created separately
● Play for free!

WARNING! You will absolutely get addicted to this Tap tap connection 2048 puzzle game.

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Tap Tap Connection 2048