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Tap Unlock 3D

Tap Unlock 3D

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The 3D version of the game Tap Unlock has been updated. Now you will have to unlock blocks in 3D space. With 3D pixel shapes and other cool block puzzles.
Tap Unlock 3D : Away Puzzle is a fun and addictive 3D puzzle game, but there's more to it - it's also a brain teaser that will take you to the next level!

Puzzle levels block by block! Tap the puzzle blocks. Start swiping blocks! Brain training! Love satisfying puzzle games and brain teasers? Play this mining game! Clear the screen! Remove all the box arrows! Help them escape - fly away!
Release stress, relax your mind! Clear the level!

Another important thing: progress is constant and there are no dead ends! If you can't find the next step, you can use the hint, skip the level or just take a break from the game and come back later. You don't need to restart any level.

- Challenging and addictive unlockable puzzle game;
- Smooth finger typing experience;
- Relax your mind, relieve stress and fatigue;
- Brain teasers with satisfying touches. Enhance your logic and critical thinking;
- Customize your colored bricks with different skins and themes;
- Use your finger. Remove the arrow box. Help the number bricks escape. Click the blocks to release them and clear the level;
- Unlock all challenging levels. There is no time limit to release the box.

Don't cling to a corner, swipe more and you'll collect endless fun!