Zen 1010

Zen 1010

Block puzzle game is a familiar game. The Zen 1010 block is also a game like that. The challenges in this game are not only relaxing for hours without getting bored, but also a way to train the brain.

Touch the blocks, drag and drop them onto the board to fill in a horizontal row or a vertical row to delete blocks and leave blank.

Block block puzzle game designed to bring the most attractive levels. Single, double and cubic 3, 4 and 5 will really harden your brain.

More than just a puzzle game. Block 1010 games are also designed with attractive new graphics designed specifically for this game. If you are a nature lover, love animals, like simplicity or like dynamism. All graphical interfaces that suit you are included in this new block puzzle game.

How to play the drag and drop game:

1. Drag and drop one of the 3 randomly generated cubes into the 9x9 square on the outside.
2. Delete the cubes by filling in a horizontal or vertical row in 9x9 squares.
3. For each square destroyed or placed on 9x9 square, you will receive a point.
4. For each horizontal and vertical row destroyed, you will get 💎 diamond. With 💎 diamonds received, you can buy other beautiful skins of this game.

Special features of this block puzzle game:

1. The puzzle is chosen to challenge your brain.
2. Sounds and effects designed specifically for games and gorgeous.
3. There are up to 5 block skins and 5 beautiful wallpapers for you to combine in the game.
4. The game is easy to learn to be able to play. But it's hard for you to become an expert.
5. The game is completely free. Unlimited play time.

Download the legendary block puzzle game immediately to have the most exciting moments. Recommend the game to your friends to play with. Quickly, try the Zen 1010 game.

Enjoy Zen 1010! Find out more about the game!
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Zen 1010